Universal Freight Organisation (UFO)

Rachel Humphrey established the Universal Freight Organisation (UFO) in January 2000 so that privately owned freight forwarding companies could form partnerships on an international scale, whilst working in accordance with our strict Code of Conduct.

Certified network of 117 independent freight forwarders

Today, the UFO is an ISO 9001:2000 certified network of 117 independent freight forwarders located in 104 countries.

With over 95,000 shipments handled every month, we offer clients the personal local service and flexibility that only privately-owned forwarders can, whilst benefiting from being electronically connected to a network covering over 840 air and sea ports.

Collectively employing over 3,000 dedicated members of staff, we provide comprehensive logistics solutions through local people who have an in-depth understanding of their market.

The UFO Head Office recently consulted external experts to create a world-class online program called myUFO, designed to unite our 320 worldwide offices in real-time to ensure streamless operations and communication.

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Why Use UFO?

Because each of our 320 offices is managed by privately-owned independent companies, we can focus 100% on providing a personal service that is tailored to your needs.​

Some multinational transport companies are restricted by inflexible policies and procedures. UFO can accommodate specific requests and make immediate decisions and recommendations on each individual shipment.

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