Freight Forwarders

​As freight forwarders, we act on behalf of exporters, arranging for transportation services. Freight forwarders are responsible for obtaining and using accurate export license information. They are familiar with the import rules and regulations of foreign countries, methods of shipping, etc.

Services for expediting shipment to overseas destinations

​Freight forwarders can provide services for expediting shipment to overseas destinations such as:

  • Booking space with the carrier.
  • Completing export and import documentation.
  • Consular invoices.
  • Legalizations.
  • Certifications.
  • Arranging for cargo insurance.
  • Supervising loading and unloading of the shipment.
  • Arranging for inland freight and warehousing.
  • Advising on foreign import regulations.
  • Providing guidance on packaging, marking, and labeling.
  • Arranging for products to be packed and loaded into containers.
  • Export clearance.

Provide price quotations

In order to prepare an accurate price quotation to foreign customers, freight forwarders can provide price quotations on:

  • Freight costs.
  • Port charges.
  • ​Consular fees.
  • Cost of special documentation.
  • ​Insurance costs.
  • Freight forwarder's fees.​