Fine-art / Removals

Fairplay Shipping A/S has a long history of providing service to customers with special needs for packing and transport of art. Every task we take on is unique and is treated as such. We do not make compromises when it comes to the packing.

Our packing will always provide optimal protection during transport, no matter if transport is done by air, sea, truck or courier. We constantly seek to improve and develop our packing methods and exploit from new packing materials / equipment.

An example of such a unique task: a fragile artwork which needed to be transported flat by truck. The transport box could not be allowed to tilt during transport. The solution became to apply shock and tilt indicators to the box. These indicators would be activated in case the transport company handled the box in any other way than horizontal, as booked by us. The transport box was delivered without activating the shock & tilt indicators!

We take pride in combining good packing with good transport prices and we only use known transport companies which we know can be trusted and which will deliver on same level as Fairplay Shipping. Furthermore, we have a strong agent network when our customers are in need of assistance with import customs clearance and delivery at the destination. The agents we use are always known to us and for any new destinations, we will seek references before choosing a new agent.

Fairplay Shipping carry out packing jobs of auctions goods on a daily basis – Bruun Rasmussen and refer their clients to us, we determine which packing and transport method will be the best for item/items and provide the client with our quotation. Our main concern and goal is to ensure that the item/items are packed to ensure safe arrival at destination.

Items bought on auction can be anything from small glass items to bigger vases, paintings, lamps and furniture – often designer furniture which require extra focus and care.

When the items arrive into our terminal our crew will take photos prior to packing. Furthermore, the packing process and end packing will also be photo documented.

All items packed in cardboard will be packed in several layers of bubble wrap and polystyrene foam chips or polystyrene lining and finally into a strong outside cardboard box – thus double boxing. See photos below:​

Smaller paintings can be packed in special telescope painting boxes – if these paintings are framed and have glass in frame, we will always recommend that the glass is removed prior to packing and shipping. See photos below:

Large paintings will be packed in veneer boxes. Some can be sent by courier which will often be the most economical way of transport. When the dimensions are too big for courier transport, we will pack in veneer boxes with wings or horizontally in box with shoes – again each job is unique and will be adjusted to the item in question. Big size boxes will be shipped by truck (within Europe) or by air / sea. See photos below:​

Furniture will be packed in cardboard pallet boxes, tailor-made pallets or closed wooden transport boxes – again choice of packing method depends on the item. See photos below:​

In Fairplay Shipping there is a close co-operation between office personnel and packing crew. Our packing crew will carry out all jobs to perfection which is why we are able to maintain a very low damage statistic, close to zero.

The Fine Art / Auction team is experienced when it comes to both shipping methods and packing and no job is too small or too big for us to quote. Our approach is to think out of the box, thus to ensure that the price given is the best possible – however, always with the focus that the shipment must arrive safely / without damages.

Our vision is to be unique and detail oriented within global logistics and transport and we comply on a daily basis to our mission which is to deliver “just as promised”.​