CGLI - a network of professional forwarders

In the fifties the container was invented. The inventor decided not to apply for a patent on the twistlock, the most important part.  This gave an enormous boost to world trade.

Some people thought that shipping and forwarding had now become child’s play: as easy as playing with Lego blocks.

But the day they received something like:

  • A very large detention invoice
  • A large customs claim at home or abroad
  • A difficult letter of credit
  • Cargo blocked somewhere far away
  • Unexpected rate increases
  • A general average

They changed their minds. The solution? A professional forwarder with a global outreach.

The forwarder is the architect of the supply chain but also the contractor. His strength lies in his professional and skilled staff but also in his address book. In order to serve his customers worldwide a network of reliable partners is of paramount importance.

This is where CGLI comes into the equation. CGLI is a network where members are working very closely together and take good care of each other’s business, creating a safe global environment on which shippers, consignees and traders alike can count on. In order to guarantee this high quality, new members are well vetted before membership is granted.

Our slogan “Simply strong together” illustrates our philosophy. The customers working with CGLI members can count on freight forwarding companies which are privately owned and where a stabile ownership protects customers against the anonymous indifferent nonchalance which is gaining ground in this industry.